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Wills & Successions

Why Is It Important To Consult An Attorney When Creating A Will

The certain event of death can be confusing and difficult as it is important to ensure that the accumulation of life’s assets are properly distributed as originally intended. Upon death, the estate must be collected with debt and taxes paid while the remaining properties are disseminated according to the descendant’s will. When creating a will, it is paramount that the document comply within legal parameters to ensure it is binding and able to be executed according to its intent. If this step is not correctly prepared, the estate can be divided according to state laws.

Occasionally, situations arise when the validity of a will and the circumstances of its creation are contested. The legal guidance of an attorney becomes necessary to execute a wills purpose and discover if any wrong-doing has occurred.

Hidalgo & Associates have experience creating and contesting wills, providing the certainty to our clients that their assets will be distributed as intended. Distinguished by our commitment to our clients for excellence, we will utilize our expertise to ensure our clients are satisfied and secure with their decisions.

Our Experienced Attorneys Can Guide You Through The Process Of Succession

A succession refers to the transmission of an estate to a legatee appointed to receive property upon death. In Louisiana, two types of succession exist, testate and intestate. A testate occurs when the deceased has left a will naming a person who will inherit the estate. If the will is valid, the estate will be transferred and recognized by the court as the legal transfer of property.

An intestate occurs if the deceased did not leave a valid will. The remaining estate is determined by the court, who must be petitioned to name heirs who will take possession of the property. Further types of succession can occur under the authority of a court-approved administrator and additionally, in circumstances where no administration is necessary.

For more information or if you need guidance in the succession process, contact Hidalgo & Associates. We will assess your case and provide legal advice. We have over 25 years of experience serving clients in St. Tammany, Tangipahoa and Washington parishes, providing them with the results they want and they security they need.